I am Lau Chi Ho. This site is for exhibiting some of my projects.

Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn.

Also welcome to checkout my Profile and Github Page!

My Projects

Ride Sharing App for Hong Kong (Final Year Project)

Kana Listening Test

  • Github Repo
  • A Japanese Vocabulary Testing App that randomly draws Japanese Vocabulary from N5 to N1 level, providing pronunciation and answer checking.
  • Written in Flutter for both iOS and Android
  • It is now on Play Store! (not on App Store, but can compile from source)

Peer Learning

  • Link / Github Repo
  • A wiki-like platform for HKU students to collaboratively create and edit CS-related learning materials (code, articles, images, videos, etc.). I was working on this project during my 1-month student research assistant appointment.
  • Node.js + Express.js + Vue.js + Socket.io + MongoDB
  • Built on top of an open source project: wiki.js 1.0.117
  • Features:
    • Integraded with HKU Central Authetication System (HKU Portal Login)
    • Allow users to style article using HTML, CSS, and markdown
    • Account manager, Article history, Image uploader, Article Editor, etc.

Go Go Goach - A map-base coach finding Android App

Edge-to-shoe App: Color your drawing using Machine Learning

Online Card 24 Game

Tutoria - A online tutor booking system

  • Github Repo
  • Django (Web framework in Python) + JQuery + SQLite
  • Full-feature online tutor booking system

Real-time Online chatroom

  • Github Repo
  • Front-end: Angular.js + jQuery + HTML + CSS
  • Back-end: Nodejs + Express.js + MongoDB

Simple Email System

Simple File System