I am Eric. This site is for exhibiting some of my projects.
Feel free to contact me via the following 2 platforms:

My Projects

Kana Listening Test

  • Github Repo
  • A Japanese Vocabulary Testing App that randomly draws Japanese Vocabulary from N5 to N1 level, providing pronunciation and answer checking.
  • Written in Flutter for both iOS and Android
  • It is now on Play Store! (and will be on App Store later)

Final Year Project

Peer Learning

  • Link / Github Repo
  • A wiki-like platform for HKU students to collaboratively create and edit CS-related learning materials (code, articles, images, videos, etc.). I was working on this project during my 1-month student research assistant appointment.
  • Node.js + Express.js + Vue.js + Socket.io + MongoDB
  • Built on top of an open source project: wiki.js 1.0.117
  • Features:
    • Integraded with HKU Central Authetication System (HKU Portal Login)
    • Allow users to style article using HTML, CSS, and markdown
    • Account manager, Article history, Image uploader, Article Editor, etc.

Go Go Goach - A map-base coach finding Android App

Online Card 24 Game

Tutoria - A online tutor booking system

  • Github Repo
  • Django (Web framework in Python) + JQuery + SQLite
  • Full-feature online tutor booking system

Real-time Online chatroom

  • Github Repo
  • Front-end: Angular.js + jQuery + HTML + CSS
  • Back-end: Nodejs + Express.js + MongoDB

Simple Email System

Simple File System

This website